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Spring move attention

    1. Spring wind-drying, must be paid attention to in the process of moving Pack, because of the windy weather moved, may lead to some of the frivolous things were blown away by the wind.
    2. Bug in the spring season of growth, kitchen and furniture must first lay a good drug to prevent new bugs or eggs to later kill you struggle here.
    3. Plants to care for, do not move they threw flowers, need help cleaning up the environment of these plants at his new home.
    4. Do not move at night, Spring does not like winter, outdoor activities increased significantly, criminals will be warm before it ain't from around blind, saw your home move at night, staring at moving vehicles, stealing small items without attention.
    5. Beijing truly, the most important thing is to choose a moving company, moving is a big thing, the oil money and the so expensive, three hundred or four hundred moving companies are basically sitting in price increases and handsome proportion of clients, the majority, so they have cheap suffer heavy losses.
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