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Before and after the move necessary knowledge

&Nbsp;   three days before the move:
&Nbsp;   (1) connected wired TV signal line; (2) handle phone downtime or moved machine procedures; (3) to property or power, and gas, and tap water company query last using degrees, suspended Bank generation paid business; (4) notification post and sent milk company change address; (5) notification relatives change address; (6) disassembly air conditioning and water heater, refrigerator cleaning and except cream; (7) will documents, and jewelry, and passbook, and securities concentrated custody, as has necessary save to bank safe.
    2. Moved day (1) in moved company workers coming zhiqian, now new residence floor spread Shang waste cloth, so as not to designated injury floor; (2) began handling Qian, best again confirmed price (3) again told workers which is precious items and vulnerable broken items; (4) items sent arrived new homes Shi, best spot told workers large placed in where, saves you tired of bitter; (5) in and moved company checkout zhiqian, must to first inventory items: focus check precious items, and easy broken items, and scattered items whether has lost or damaged, Household appliances are running well, bump or broken furniture, bulky items of specification display (6) recording contract after the number, driver's name, car number, only to sign a contract and (7) to request an invoice or receipt after checkout.
    3. Move after move: the
&Nbsp;   (1) will ground, and table, and Chair, and Cabinet, wipe clean; (2) put some daily essential of items finishing return bit, guarantee normal of life order; (3) first finishing common of items, some usually basic without of things can put into storage between yihou again finishing; (4) Dang home items basic in place, room also clean clean Hou, finishing clothing, and bed, and tablecloth,; (5) last, room in can free placed some decorative real, landscaping you of new home.
&Nbsp;   after damage claims:
&Nbsp;   (1) for household appliances of damaged, should please moved company burden maintenance costs, if completely damaged, should compensation new; (2) for precious items of damaged, should please about sector valuation Hou for compensation; (3) for moved company aspects reasons caused of personal hurt, should by moved company is responsible for medical; (4) If claims process occurred disputes, can find consumers association or about sector solution.
&Nbsp;   after Anton:
&Nbsp;   (1) receive the necessary license: Community passport covers, vehicle passes, parking permits, dog cards, and so on, (2) active and say hello to the neighbors, mutual understanding, establishing initial relations with their neighbors.
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