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The roof "the first desire" moved more than 30 times

&Nbsp;   the morning of March 29, Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, one of the largest-ever embezzlement and corruption cases in local courts heard in public. This leads Chen Wanzhen, Chen Jue and his wife in a case of absconding after 13 years, finally the justice trial. The Court pronouncement: Chen Wanzhen committed embezzlement, corruption, crime, joinder of decisions the Executive sentenced to 19 years; Chen Jue committed embezzlement, corruption, crime, punished, and decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 18 years.
&Nbsp;   Chase Chen Wanzhen Tiantai County Prosecutor's Office and his wife during the hardships it goes without saying, after the suspects and taken good care of criminal suspects shows bone tenderness of the law enforcers, and two of the defendants pleaded guilty in court.
&Nbsp;   nonstop pace of pursuing "Chen Wanzhen siphoned away! we plant to finished!"
&Nbsp;   on October 14, 1998, the rooftop is at a critical juncture the reform of the machinery factory for major storm, then the cashier Chen Wanzhen absconded from the machinery plant extract 600,000 yuan in cash accounts. And give the Director a letter about the fact that his embezzlement of huge public funds cannot be returned.
&Nbsp;   in Tiantai County after prosecutors received a report, send inventory business finance, he immediately organized pursuit.
&Nbsp;   settlement the preliminary findings, Chen Wanzhen in addition to absconding with money, is also suspected of embezzling more than 2 million Yuan. Businesses per capita annual income of only 7000 Yuan, Chen Wanzhen couple reckless absconded, swept away almost all of an enterprise's employees a year's hard earned money, so that in the course of machinery trouble.
&Nbsp;   in Tiantai County Prosecutor's Office immediately by the public security Department issued a class b warrant. Investigators Mo Pai Chen Wanzhen couples and usually out of business and its relative position, split road, a group of North, to Hebei, Beijing, and Heilongjiang jiamusi; a group South, to Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing and other places. As the network was not commonplace, the Prosecutor every contact local police department, issued a circular, Chen Wanzhen couple received no response, but no further.
&Nbsp;   changed 4 Flash the Attorney General Office, anti-corruption Secretary 3 has also been changed. Pursuit-evasion work has never stopped, the current anti-corruption Jiang Mingyang, the Secretary said: "as long as the suspect blamed the organizers, our pursuit on day unabated pursuit work day without rest. "2001 on-line wanted opened, prosecutors and Chen Wanzhen couple wanted by the Internet for the first time, and a reward of 50,000 yuan per person, but no substantive progress.
&Nbsp;   Chen Wanzhen Tiantai's husband Chen Jue was a cadre of Bureau, usually like to see detective solve the book, there is some investigative capacity. They cut off all contact with his family, even Chen Jue his father died, he did not know. In addition they also transform dwellings, has moved more than 30 times. All communicate in Mandarin in their lives, people never and the roof.
&Nbsp;   there is the end of 2010, Tiantai County Attorney General population and household registration information and other public clues inferred Chen Wanzhen couples may live in Maoming, Guangdong. With the further in-depth investigation, investigators preliminary judge Chen Wanzhen alias located in Maoming, Guangdong, Chen Jue could live together. Suspect pursuit case in a timely manner, to the Maoming investigators on July 17, 2011. The day Chen Jue SpongeBob birthday the next day. According to Chen Jue account after his birthday a week before sleep at night, thinking about the move, Chen Wanzhen persuaded didn't move, decided to move when they were arrested.
&Nbsp;   as Chen Jue rental place was acres of temporary buildings, with no number, investigators could not confirm whether they lived in a large temporary sheds in which one. If the clue again interrupted, pursuit-evasion work will be wasted. Investigators immediately convened to catch programmes have been developed.
&Nbsp;   on July 23 at about 1 o'clock in the morning, investigators in Maoming city East police station 15 police officers with the assistance of, according to MO Pai advance Scouting, used batons to scare away dogs, Chen Jue found living in temporary rental housing in the dark. Kick open the door, have sharp rapid shaking flashlight lights inside the House, but Chen Jue was the only one at home, his staff will soon be captured.
&Nbsp;   "Chen Jue, you ought to surrender!" Project personnel in the Tiantai dialect shouted.
&Nbsp;   each other in the Tiantai dialect responded, in a low voice, shaky: "I don't have any money!"
&Nbsp;   "Chen Wanzhen?"
&Nbsp;   "she went out to look for her son, I don't know where she goes. "
&Nbsp;   investigators felt the seriousness of the problem-is Chen Wanzhen has got the news and ran ahead? Jiang Mingyang decisive command: "immediately divided into two groups, a group of people for questioning, a group left for rent. "Chen Jue was taken away, rent room again quiet, as if nothing had happened.
&Nbsp;   July when the summer, stacked messy rental room filled with a peculiar smell, staying hidden in the dark all sweat, so keep to around 6:30 A.M.. Then Jiang Mingyang indicates, if 7:30 was not Chen Wanzhen, was temporarily closed. Has just finished instructions, heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. "To come, Chen Wanzhen coming!" Rear personnel should ready immediately, Chen Wanzhen entered the room, she successfully captured.
&Nbsp;   on July 23, 2011, this day, Chen Jue couple fled 13 years hunted at large; on this day, Hunt Tiantai County Prosecutor's Office also drew to a successful close.
&Nbsp;   is love in an unforgiving road, is East police station interrogation room in Maoming city, investigators doing the record, Chen Jue was handcuffed on the back of the Chair with both hands, one hand due to the arrest struggle, creased leather. Pobeg the enormous psychological pressure, Chen Jue is suffering from a skin disease, the back of his hand, arms, underarms all covered with scabs, miserable, for fear of being found out, he did not dare to go to the hospital, his drug use. Investigators immediately told police officers to explain the situation, opened one of the handcuffs, to wipe his ointment, and made a simple dressing. Also need psychological counseling were also Chen Jue, Chen Jue was deeply moved and honestly confessed their crimes.
&Nbsp;   in order to evade arrest 13 years ago, after two people in the back part of the debt, carrying 610,000 yuan in cash, holds less than half the age of baby, take the taxi fled to Shanghai. A rabbit he found Chongqing map shaped like a rabbit, thought to their advantage, then by train from Shanghai to Chongqing. After Chongqing, using other people's identity cards in Chongqing opened securities account, with 580,000 yuan stock, only to lose again.
&Nbsp;   Chen Jue did not lie, did is that Chen Wanzhen went out to look for his son. They had to move for the night, investigators also found in a refuse bin rental 65,000 yuan in cash, found in the motorcycle trunk all the documents they use. Mischievous son who wants to run out the Internet, Chen Wanzhen night out, looking for a one night, still he hid in some Internet cafes.
&Nbsp;   suffered a 13-year son was not found, Chen Wanzhen couple naturally has concerns. Investigators told their relatives in Maoming, they help find Chen Wanzhen son. Results in the left back seat, finally found the son of Chen Wanzhen, Chen Wanzhen couple's emotions stabilized significantly.
&Nbsp;   condition for Chen Jue, Tiantai County Procuratorate in Maoming when the escort, especially became a prison doctor. After returning to the roof, the public prosecutor's Office contacted a local prominent dermatologists of his. At present, Chen Jue's skin had improved markedly.
&Nbsp;   Chen Wanzhen yiqian of colleagues Xu master said: "if they had peacefully work, to Chen Wanzhen at of posts, in enterprise success restructuring and listed Hou, now hand of shares at least on has 10 million Yuan! Chen Jue in Bureau work, 13 of income added in with at least also has about 1 million, plus rooftop these years economic development quickly, to they of mind, small business money not problem, now also should is live Villa of people. It is a pity that! "
&Nbsp;   Chen Jue said: "too late to say anything now! is a sin!"
&Nbsp;   in Tiantai County Prosecutor's Office charged, from 1995 to 1998 in October, Chen Wanzhen original rooftop machinery factory cashier positions, in partnership with her husband Chen Jue repeatedly misappropriating rooftop machinery of public funds amounted to more than 3.3 million Yuan, for private companies and the stock market, to fashion more than 2.29 million yuan of the crime and didn't return. On October 13, 1998, Chen Jue now 1.16 million yuan from the stock accounts, is used for the return of personal loans and bank loans, and the remaining 600,000 yuan of public funds with Chen Wanzhen away with, including 580,000 yuan Chen Xiaoquan name after stocks. After the incident, prosecutors have recovered money more than 2.68 million Yuan.
&Nbsp;   on March 29, the Court, after hearing after the verdict, 49, Chen Jue and 42, and his wife Chen Wanzhen a look, mate.
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