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Americans can't move

&Nbsp;   read that United States moving population of up to 50 million a year, and Beijing move but not much. People ask why Americans are so adrift? moved public services, welfare and how to deal with it? in November 2011 United States Bureau of statistics has just released a report, the report focuses on statistical analysis between 2008-2009 and move people, the result is to move each year in these two years has a population of 37 million, slightly lower than the all-time high of 44 million. Generally 50 million not too wide of the mark.
&Nbsp;   However, savor, and said these are "drifting" inverted water. Where clear water, you must first give a brief account of United States administrative planning. United States local governments are basically State and county level, United States have an average of 62 counties in every State, there are over 3,000. State and County management of daily affairs. Why do we not mention city? because United States the size of a city is so different, in cities some inconvenience. United States cities and counties are two largely independent systems, non-jurisdiction of big cities across the County, but a County often contain many small cities, where only a dozen people calling themselves "cities".
&Nbsp;   67% who is moved within the same County, much of which is in the vicinity of resettlement, a considerable number are college students rent again; had has probably not changed jobs to work, it is hardly the drift. Around 17% people moved to another county, same State, only 13% moved to another State, and the rest moved to other countries.
&Nbsp;   but should be moved to other counties, total number of people in other States is not too little, then have their welfare effects? often spread online United States various benefits, many of which are fanciful behind closed doors that do not exist at all. United States society actually prefer to deal with these matters in the private sector, in the minds of many government-run "welfare" in the United States is actually not much. In addition to education, the United States Government-run welfare essential services are old people retiree health care and poor health of minors. Young people no matter how poor it is difficult to get insurance from the Government, family incomes above the poverty line of the child's medical insurance is normally provided by the parents themselves. So the United States wage-earners moving is not what "the welfare" needs to take.
&Nbsp;   general family health insurance is when parents move in together to buy the flat, usually out of most of their workers ' insurance costs a few; change jobs with the unit for insurance, and flexible. United States health care is very expensive, any time, no insurance is a great adventure. Changing the gap between working two jobs without insurance do? this is not difficult, there are legal provisions on separation of 1.5 years, employees can pay the full price to purchase the original unit of insurance. However, premiums may be paid in full one thousand dollars a month, enough to run; it's just as well, the law provides for a 45-day grace period, the buffer insurance valid for the period but not the doctor does not need to pay the premium. After 45 days the new job--the meaning of this law are promising to move to erase worries.
&Nbsp;   formal jobs, most people who buy a House move means real. But to sell the House is not an easy task, because this concerns many people dare not change jobs. REALTOR fee, is probably the price of 7%, large number, this consumption is likely impossible. If the new unit in good faith, always willing to help. Unit for sale losses; if is the same unit in different areas within, the unit may be slightly higher than the market price to buy the House; new units to other financial relief is fairly common.
&Nbsp;   dual-career families who changed jobs a person could lose probably not worthwhile. This new unit is usually willing to help, if this unit has the right position on reuse is better, and if not, help recommend the brother of local units is a common thing. Families with children to school issues to be considered, the new unit will generally serve to help identify schools. These are often talked about in the interview.
&Nbsp;   in addition to these economic reasons, Americans often consider a family and move. United States economic exchanges between adults and their parents do not have too many (but by no means some people can say almost nothing), but most people still want to be able to take care of elderly parents, so near the young people moved to their parents or elderly parents move to children is a common thing. In addition to moving to near relatives, climate and environment are often is why Americans move. Almost every year some colleagues complain that the local climate culture and moved too far from home to home. In turn, it was because the children grow up in local friends are nearby for the children and slow moving. Of course, the main reason for moving or working, good weather cannot be eaten.
&Nbsp;   rational flow of trained personnel for a social good, United States units and Government measures to facilitate the movement of persons is very worthy of study. However, one should note that, some people say that Americans are so mobile and high degree of privatization-related, this is not accurate. Public-private do not impede the movement of people in and of itself, for example, United States if there is a universal public health care system, we will not have to worry about insurance problems can't move; in fact, United States Federal Government agencies, such as the post office staff mobility is not lower than that of other units.