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Moving truck was not fined for posted freight pass

&Nbsp;   April 12 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the traffic police squadrons directly under the forest Brigade Lieutenant Li Anxiang, Deputy squadron leader, Mr Li led police in Yanta Road Interchange set up licensing implications involved when the stock campaigns, found a pickup truck front windshield is not pasted cargo vehicle permit, police driver Kuo issued a summary punishment on the books.
&Nbsp;   back to the police, the police entry of illegal information on the Internet when found Guo XX license file does not match the number with my name, allegedly fake driver's licenses, check further information found Guo to fugitives.
&Nbsp;   according to the license plate number information inquiry, a moving company in the pickup truck belonging to XI ' an, the police immediately drove to the Office of the company is located at a latitude of 26 Street, Guo did not in the company boss said Guo family had borrowed money from him for something, the boss did not lend him, never saw him again. Police patiently persuaded owner called Guo, said companies have business needs. 11 o'clock that night, at large people Guo XX in the moving company Office apprehended by the police.
&Nbsp;   the investigation, born in 1982, bin people Guo XX, freeing staff for re-education through labour, and nanzheng, in February this year because of alleged financial fraud at large, followed by Guo Xi ' an, looking for a moving company driver job. At present, the suspect has been in temporary detention in a detention centre, waiting in nanzheng police to handover.
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