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Mobile phone in the form of ants smuggling

&Nbsp;   United States Apple products are favored by consumers in recent years, it is a huge market demand, some smugglers even eyeing this market, Shenzhen Customs recently destroyed a smuggling gangs of the hundreds of people involved, the gang smuggled Apple products sold more than 100,000 units, involving more than 500 million Yuan.
&Nbsp;   in November 2011, the Apple Phone iphone4S had listed in Hong Kong, were snapped up in less than 10 minutes. In January 2012, the Hong Kong Apple website and even launched a lottery the purchase policy. But at the same time, Shenzhen Customs officers found that although iphone4s had not listed in the Mainland, but in the company have been selling extremely popular on the network.
&Nbsp;   Shenzhen Customs anti-smuggling Bureau "Apple storms" intelligence officer Liu told reporters that their sales are very, very large, and second there is a big gap. Basically you his 30-day sales would reach 15,000 to 16,000 units.
&Nbsp;   available in the normal customs supervision, and there were no large amounts of import customs data, such a huge amount of sales is false? Also be obtained a large quantity of contraband?
&Nbsp;   Shenzhen Customs "Apple storm" operation zone commander Wang Qianjun told reporters, we want to analyze, and later found he did have such a large amount, and he has a great team, employs about 100 people, he's not bragging, is there really such a big amount of smuggling.
&Nbsp;   not only sell great, this company called Blue USB digital also has hundreds of stores in the country, distributed in more than more than 30 cities.
&Nbsp;   Shenzhen Customs anti-smuggling Bureau "Apple storms" intelligence officer Liu said the 2011 blue digital shop sales reached 570 million, 10 months earlier is a small amount, November and December, equivalent to nearly 1/3, 2012 years Yi、er、sanyuefen, he's constantly increasing amount.
&Nbsp;   entities cover "ants" move   journalists revealed a smuggling chain is what companies can achieve such great sales? The company behind it is some kind of person in the operation? Their illicit income distribution?
&Nbsp;   customs and revenue officers found on some of the big electronics market in Shenzhen, many shops there are closely related to the Blue company doing business with these shops is the home of blue.
&Nbsp;   Bureau of Shenzhen Customs anti-smuggling police Liu told reporters that most of their goods are in the warehouse, and then set up a stall, meaning you want to call me to order you to me at this stall, a shop (blue digital) if he had come to the shop to look for him.
&Nbsp;   blue digital LAN from the Internet to order, begin to place orders with them, arranged after supply of Hong Kong these shops, will contact some of the water head, cargo pieces to hundreds or dozens of traders is responsible for customs clearance, after entering the Mainland peers together. While each of these chains is the share of proceeds, late last year, Apple cell phone iphone4s had listed in Hong Kong, 16G version of the price is HK $ 5088, about 4160 and smuggled in parallel maximum can sell for more than 5500 Yuan in the Mainland, the middle post 1340.
&Nbsp;   Shenzhen Customs "Apple storm" operation zone commander Wang Qianjun told reporters, you bang in this water, this water about dozens of blocks in their operations, 100! Water head making points, earn $ 200 in total, but it is 200 to a few people, so to a certain person, may not have that much money. It is the formation of the chain, the blue and he, too, a machine more than it earned more than 100 dollars.