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Moved fare increases are mad

&Nbsp;   new House this is a happy event, Liu Nanchang, however the public moving home was furious she wondered if the moving industry has "hidden rules". 23rd, Liu told reporters her moving encounter trouble.
&Nbsp;   Liu told reporters, the morning of March 19, she asked a moving company move for yourself, by prior agreement, handling fee of 260 Yuan, but when moving Service Center 3 Porter walked into her home, saw a big TV, I proposed that we have to charge 30 yuan of freight, or be unwilling to move. Liu listen to unhappy, but taking into account the items are collated, but had to agree to add the pay 30 yuan. However, when, 3 Porter upon completion of items such as color TV sets, beds and refrigerators, said trucks had filled, the remaining small items and put it down, then packed in a car. Liu looked at think Porter deliberately hard on yourself, when a car can carry out the Porter had to leave some items, for which she was very angry. 23rd, reporters accompanied Liu to find moving companies, the Centre Manager said, usually industry conventions to move big TV needs more money, but then he and Liu agreed to move a vehicle fee of 260 Yuan, and he does not know the movers charge 30 yuan. Chen said employees involved in the handling, when car is indeed filled with, not that they do not move, reload if goods vehicles are crushing the customer's goods, they afford. Finally, the two sides negotiated, managers return 50 Yuan to Madam Lau. Get the money back after, Liu told reporters that she has moved house twice, and twice encountered Porter temporary fares and charges for, that she was suffering from "move phobia". Why would move move out of these troubles? Readers in the moving process is suffering the same troubles? Moving industry there is no "rule"?

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