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Thieves move, ready to open a restaurant

&Nbsp;   edible oil, from peanuts, these seemingly insignificant thing, but their theft target. Others did not understand until after the arrest, the three thieves to say theft reasons, just to open a small restaurant of their own. Today, Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau Wanbolin branch to inform the community, three suspects have been arrested.
&Nbsp;   March 21 at 7 o'clock in the evening, it was rush, peace road, police also are patrolling the streets. When the police came upon a vegetable shop in King Street gate, found a young woman is odd. Women's young, 20-something hand carrying a large bag, bulging stuffed inside a lot. Strange is the women's looks, a face of furtive, when selecting something, not something bad, eyes direct shop owner, a look at the boss pays no attention, pick up stuff directly into his bag.
&Nbsp;   identified the woman acting suspiciously, the police immediately checks. See police woman face change, cover your packages, said nothing. Until the end when no, let go of the hand. Police opened the package and saw so many things inside, but is full of peanuts, sesame paste and a variety of meat products and other things to eat. Shop owner saw surprised to say, "this is all my stuff in the store, you didn't pay for it with your own bag? "It turns out that these food are women had just stolen from the shop.
&Nbsp;   back to the police station, women account for your situation. Woman surnamed Lee, 20 years old, jingle County, Shanxi, and stealing is not the first time, and not her alone, and a man and a woman, two villagers. Not only that, Lee also told police, two other villagers are now they are renting a place to live.
&Nbsp;   subsequently, the police arrived and they stay, Wang, Zhang captured. In the House of the three, police found a number of their "loot", a small bottle of cooking oil, there are a variety of condiments, canned foods, all in the House, almost fired a small grain and oil shop.
&Nbsp;   3 suspects saying, these things are their successful theft in two months. Back down, there are more than 40 times. Each is carrying a package, 1.1 points out, like "mouse move", slowly accumulating so much. Their theft target, all Hou Wang and vegetable shop, a small supermarket around.
&Nbsp;   when the police asked them why they chose this way, their answers are dumbfounding. Originally, they wanted this "move" methods to open a small restaurant.
&Nbsp;   at present, the three men were transferred to the police for further examination.