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High oil prices moving companies business is hard to do

&Nbsp;   many believe that moving company is earning a living in Beijing. In fact, not all moving companies are very "comfortable". We understand that, with rising oil prices, higher prices for labor and the weather is getting hot, plus a few customers "stood", Haidian District, many moved to reporters "grievances".
&Nbsp;   in fact, the moving company Beijing encounter more than one. Many heads are now moving not to do business, customers should prices move to a minimum, but also moving company cars to the full. The worst is that when moving company with customer orders, customers reported furniture was not according to the actual situation, which led to occurrence of vehicles are not enough.
&Nbsp;   is located in the Changping District of brothers shipping company is an old company, due to the reputation and service has always been in good years, brother Yun fu's business is growing in volume, orders from the beginning only in the Changping area live, up to now, Haidian, Chaoyang, Tongzhou district, Shijingshan district development of more businesses. But these days, we worried about brother Yun fu's boss. Oil prices after a rise in labor costs and workers already fierce competition more fierce, oil costs cannot be passed on to the customer on the head at once. In addition, every year from June to October is off-season for business, the business was hard to find, so no company dared to 51 years ago to raise prices, can choose their own shoulder. Actually, not only these, are "Doves" become a headache of moving company owner and a principal factor. Contact a customer in moving company phone handling things, due to changed his mind again, and while waiting for the moving company, but does not need to be moved, he embarrassed himself.
&Nbsp;   hope my friends who really want to move, do not dazzle us and hope that rivals not to disrupt the market and other companies in the same industry operations, so that everyone will be able to develop through it.