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Stock "move" caution

&Nbsp;   protracted brokers "lowering domestic tide" has led some brokerages Sales Commission levels have driven cost line, many sales are lost, and some securities sales made at a loss. Recently, this reporter consulted a number of brokerage business to the client understands that brokerage Commission are currently available in 1 ‰ ~ 3 per thousand range.
&Nbsp;   regulators "red line"
&Nbsp;   It is understood that last year, the Shanxi securities industry association calls for the strict implementation of the cost accounting of Securities Commission established after their bottom lines. Appear below the reported level of minimum brokerage Commission to attract customers, where the regulators must rectify and timely reports, and volunteered to suspend new account setup for 3 months. After that, once discovered, regulators ordered to suspend new regulatory measures will be taken, and in the evaluation of securities companies categorised in to points.
&Nbsp;   since the implementation of new rules, regulators repeated demands, the brokerage business are the cover and gave warning. Commission has fallen to can't drop point, losses the Business Department also are on the rise, but there are still some securities risk being punished continues to fight a Commission war. According to the journalist survey, Business Department of Shanxi minimum Commission level is lower than or close to operating cost line.
&Nbsp;   "unless investors now have hundreds of or tens of millions of Yuan in funds, or the Commission rates not less than five out of 10,000. "A listing broker sales account manager in Taiyuan City, told reporters.
&Nbsp;   when the bottom line was hit frequently, "a Commission price war" will continue?
&Nbsp;   the reporter process, securities sales representative said the Commission has stipulated minimum standards, not much further, but you can give customers some services within an appropriate range of products.
&Nbsp;   at present, whether it is a new sales department, or some old business, recognized by reducing the commissions to attract customers is not the way out. Many brokers realize that instead of competing on price competition for incremental customers, resource-intensive, deep mining stock customer demand than to improve services, invest in customer service to resist a Commission war, changed by the low status of the commissions to attract investors. Capital securities have launched specialty products, playing the "service card". Coming in the wake of the Commission rate is not too different from, soft power brokers more competition or will be – service.
&Nbsp;   investors move with caution low Commission is undoubtedly very attractive, along with the Commission, many investors lower commissions interests began to stir. Old stock also experienced by other brokers to draw the experience. On one occasion, after the markets closed, he walked out of the Hall's large room, a young man up said he was marketing member of the Sales Department, and their low Commission, service quality and good content, want to him to open an account and leave your business card. After the transfer, we found that the Sales Commission rate is low, but the service is less than the original securities or even suffered losses several times, reduce the amount of commissions compared with a loss of just little, too late.
&Nbsp;   reporter found that currently the standard brokerage commissions are not the same, low Commission is more small and medium brokerage firms, while brokers adhere to the High Commission. But in the eyes of investors, different brokers ' services has almost that some shareholders had to drive for profit, will account for "move".
&Nbsp;   industry reminded investors that there are malignant competition among brokerages, investors choice but what brokers really need to seriously, big brokerage rates are relatively high, but provides information of value maybe considerably higher rates of spread.