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Moved three times in pain and joy

&Nbsp;   after haibowan since 1960 I, after more than half a century of changing, witnessed this from the desolate small frontier town to prosper from housing into the evolution of buildings. I moved three times is evidence of this evolution.
&Nbsp;   first moved in the spring of 1979, from the original pioneer in the table mountain mine area (now the wuhai energy company office building is located) moved to wuda GE Dan (now rejoice Jagu).
&Nbsp;   is table mountain, pioneer district mining Bureau in 1959, built the first residential and haibowan earliest residential areas. After I was married in 1963 to a one room house, only Seventeen-Eight square meters. Close to the door and base a stove, the stove on fire wall, outside of the wall is a three or four-square meter kitchen, inside the wall is Thirteen-Four square metres of bedroom, plate connected to the wall of a fire in the bedroom, around the bedroom two-thirds area. Fire-facing side of a window, and exposure to sunlight through the window glass in the Kang. Winter fire burned hot, bed was very comfortable in summer, turn the stove and Kang-channel plug, smoke through chimneys. To be safe, I also carry water and mud, picking up scrap bricks, built earth walls, skin nailed to a hospital door. As the sons grew up, and later built a cool five or six square meters next to the door, let my son live. The door faces North, cool in the shade, low, damp, dimly lit, sweltering in the summer, mosquito bites, winter, cold, shivering, and this is the son of the early years of the bedroom. In this House, we lived there for 15 years.
&Nbsp;   move was in 2000 for the second time in October, moved from wuda GE Dan Daqing North District. Moved out of the cottage, living in the building, which is a cross of living conditions.
&Nbsp;   Wu da GE Dan is real estate in 1978, building more than 10 homes, wuhai city, municipal 3, I got one of them. This is a set of two open corridors of new, more than 40 square meters. Later, I'm still behind the House and yard, covered more than 30 square meters of "backpack" and cool rooms, installing heating, living conditions improved significantly. I was in the yard to plant a pear tree and a vine, pear trees bloom in the spring, fragrance all over the yard in autumn, grapes, fruits, rather like a small farm house in the city.
&Nbsp;   starting from the 1984 housing sector took the lead, Tongjian building built in wuhai, in parallel with the building of government investment, Enterprise raise the necessary funds to construct a House, dramatically accelerating the pace of residential construction in wuhai. For years, a block of residential towers, a residential district came into being. To get rid of the heavy housework, particularly from a handful a day, Split firewood, cutting dust liberated, and the stove, the children advised us to buy a House. So we GE Dan lived 22 years in wuda bungalow sold in Daqing North community bought a 75 square metres of second-hand houses.
&Nbsp;   starting in 2001, the city of haibowan large-scale transformation of the demolition of the old quarter, opened in wuhai city build a new page. I once lived, the original pioneer in the table mountain mine and wuda GE Dan demolition and reconstruction of the column. Bungalow around that year was Dune road vehicles, and sparsely populated wilderness, now has wide streets, the downtown high-rises.
&Nbsp;   the ancients said: "we will be satisfied, and the United States; clothing will be warm, and beautiful; Ju will be an, and the. "With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of the living environment, we have lived 10 years old buildings have not met: one is old, and the other is small. As some residents moved out, we want to change our living conditions. Son know how we feel, in his carefree garden design to a set of more than 80 square meters of new houses and renovated later let to live quietly. His wife looked too small, say, moving from more than 70 square meters to more than 80 square meters, no meaning, neither. After her son heard, and he designed the carefree community has carefully selected a floor is moderate, better lighting 127 square meters of new buildings let us live, three-bedroom Hall, a kitchen, one bathroom, living room and dining room connected 46 square metres, I joked with his wife: "we can dance in the living room. "My wife smiled with satisfaction.
&Nbsp;   of April 2010, we chose an auspicious, from Daqing North District moved into the old building, Tao is this bright and spacious, comfortable and cozy new home. Completed our third move.