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Moving company "changed their mind" customers upset

&Nbsp;   April 8, at 8 o'clock in the morning, public Ma called the hotline said, his company moved today, originally agreed four days earlier moving company temporarily changed their mind and let them find another moving company.
&Nbsp;   Mr MA told reporters that their company in the industrial building, due to various reasons, the building required companies to move out on the day. In order to move, Mr MA earlier than four days ago with a moving company in Beijing agreed.
&Nbsp;   However, April 7 morning, horse Mr and colleagues are from 7 points until 7 points 40 still missing moved company of people to, other company are early began moved has, quickly to thousand new moved company call, didn't thought, other said, morning they of employees has to had venture building, but see many company are moved, handling speed is slow, may on will delay they behind of business, they on summary Beijing moved company moved company of phone, A Wang, head of the company, told reporters, Mr MA company does is to make an appointment a few days ago, but at that time they did not clear the day moving company so much, and two elevators, moving slowly, don't tell must line up.
&Nbsp;   according to King Mr said, morning they of people does is 7 points past of, but site of situation has is crowded, they impossible because this a orders effect has behind all of business, and at other also no said waiting for during Beijing brothers moved company moved company in operation in the are is not signed contract of, also not need make deposit, but even is against has oral agreed is default.