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Long distance moving questions

&Nbsp;   with the mobilization of the continuous expansion of the scope of people, some years moving from one city to another city, so long distance moving company came into being. At present, Beijing Professional operation of long distance moving moving companies in Beijing have little, but Beijing long distance moving moving company sees the future market is a growing move, set up a Beijing brothers transport relocation services center. Long distance move is different from moving in the city, the demand for workers and drivers are high. Workers must Pack customers ' furniture and appliances, as well as appropriate technologies in handling and ensure that client security in transit.
&Nbsp;   a, and long-distance moved contract: If both reached consistent, our immediately sent business personnel, and packaging workers, and Porter people door on by needed handling items for demolition, and points package finishing, and packaging; finished Hou, business head and customer common on items for inventory, records packaging Hou items actual number; business personnel with customer signed relocation contract, clear both right obligations relationship; in business personnel guide Xia, Porter people followed by on items downstairs, and loading shipment.
&Nbsp;  , long distance moving most of the second step is packaging, packaging must reach the standards of long-distance transport, packaging, household goods are often not qualified to destinations beyond recognition, especially furniture, home appliances, fragile items must be professional, design and packaging.
&Nbsp;   moved three, ahead of the associated companies, professional moving company moving programme in consultation for reference, determine the moving time, reservation one day in advance at the latest moving companies, so as to avoid haste and unnecessary trouble.
&Nbsp;   four, before moving to clutter in one's power pack, move so as not to waste company time, increase their costs, valuables must be carried, so as not to forget lost, misunderstanding on both sides.
&Nbsp;   charges for five, long distance moving, is based on the moving destination freight, short out costs, labor costs, packing, delivery up, overall, professional moving company charges transparent and reasonable, specific call rates, or door-to-door assess moving costs, final contract cost; please refer to this site moving quotes.
&Nbsp;   six, long distance moving home three days before the moving object, be aware, truthfully to the moving company to move goods quantity, size, dimensions, and the services they need, so that the moving company arranged for transport, labor, packaging materials, so as not to waste time, moving both sides benefit.
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