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Piano transportation

&Nbsp;   piano is a valuable, certainly more trouble to carry, and General moving company cannot do protection measures is in place. Handling is different from moving furniture at the piano, not the ordinary handling handling companies can fulfill, Golden Horse moving integration of Beijing's major music delivery team, in order to provide you with professional piano moving services, allowing you to share with Beijing's music an excellent piano handling team.
&Nbsp;   handling processes Note:
&Nbsp;   piano is a precious instrument, generally around 200 kg in weight, is best for transport packaging, in the handling process to operate according to the instructions box pattern. Handling box body tightness should be checked to prevent tank loose damage to piano.
&Nbsp;   piano the main weight of the Hind, site of the iron sort string column. Therefore, in handling the piano must prevent backward. )。 Handling is best not to remove the piano part. If handling space restrictions, up to remove the top cover, door, door and striking machine. (Assembly and disassembly must be experienced professionals) moving first to check whether the door jammed to prevent falls.
&Nbsp;   ground push Chin forward encounter rough ground, should not thrust force, lest the piano round breaks.
&Nbsp;   up and down stairs, Jean tilt angle of not greater than 70 degrees with the ground, and to prevent the tilt handle.
&Nbsp;   transport ban on open-air display of piano and rainy days.
&Nbsp;   users in the winter to buy pianos, care should be taken in the open package packing before the first piano in the indoor rest for a day so that the body temperature near room temperature and avoid sudden changes in body temperature.