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&Nbsp;   "my Villa Western"
&Nbsp;   XI XI creative industry Park, opening ceremony, Yu hua's appearance the day before yesterday, has now begun the decoration within the industrial park that covers more than 300 villas. His villa not only has a small building, there is also a separate transparent water living room, he appreciates the big yellow wall next to the living room. "To entrust a friend a long time ago in household decoration, a present decoration companies settled in the decoration, with ' comfortable ' for the pursuit of style is East-West. "Yu said. To repair such a big house, invest a lot of money, but Yu did not disclose investment figures.
&Nbsp;   It is understood that West Brook industrial park, Villa is a 20-year term provided free of charge to the culture of celebrity, but decorating themselves. Calculate an account, each villa renovation costs calculation of 1 million Yuan, cultural figures are equivalent to an annual fee of 50,000 yuan to rent a villa. The price in ordinary wage-earners, pay a bit larger.
&Nbsp;   water also is particularly appreciated by Yu hua independent living room, Yu hua was looking after other cases. "My family always lived comfortably, so Western-style decoration, but sprinkle with Chinese elements. "Yu said that few Chinese will be placed in the large living room chairs, seating, everybody is sitting on a soft sofa. Claiming to be drinking no Yu said his favorite wine is beer, so in the big living room next to the bar, original will appear barrel beer. "Rest assured, you come to my house, certainly have a delicious beer. "
&Nbsp;   for the study of building, Yu hua is not set too many bookcases, because in his Beijing home overflowing with books, and prepared to Brook House West of the bookcase into a "floating" bookcase, bookcase of books often change frequently. "My home in Beijing has already had 10,000 volumes of books, upright three-sided bookcase in the study upstairs, downstairs living room with 6 bookcase of books. "Yu said that move books always make him a headache," so many books have become a burden to me. "That being said, his sweet smile of love book.
&Nbsp;   seems to move in order to move books, shortly before attending the Frankfurt book fair, Yu hua, was invited to attend a number of literary activities, the State can only be a "hot" to describe. His feelings about the Frankfurt Book Fair is only one word: tired. "After the book fair, I went to Brussels with MO, usually sleep has been bad, I slept for 11 hours in one breath, we can see how tired.
&Nbsp;   after the brothers, Yu also wrote three novels, this writer can be said to be unique in China, he confirmed that three of the novel while still in the creation, has signed on to a Shanghai Internet Chung book company. The company was in fierce competition to win, other than and Yu hua long ago about, in large part because the company had successfully published his most influential novels of the living. Yu hua the present achievement we are obvious, the book holds a House of gold, maybe you should make his vision, and he can fly anywhere in the book world, wanton nutrient absorption and actually helping him move the book is also a real treat.