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&Nbsp;   for people looking to start to do a preparation, rather than take things one step at a time, choose their own production and management of industry, be granted the industry, determining the industry determine direction and product, then say there's business and adhere. Not in business of industrialism, selecting the right try to stick, adjust, focus point advantage, is more likely to be successful.
&Nbsp;   know they have a couple good years, can say that they I is a step by step development changes in Guangzhou witnessed, had long wanted to write about them, regrettably, have been written for various reasons did not, the day before yesterday I made out of their free time is about the couple, spoke to their entrepreneurial experience.
&Nbsp;   when I first came to Guangzhou, a moving company for a while, but it is not ideal, relatively heavy, income is not high, wanted to change the industry. Remember when the moving company to move a fruit business boss, talked about making a fruit when chatting with his business problems, the boss say about how good fruit business, profit is high, and as long as you are the products of good quality is definitely more popular, especially in southern varieties of fruit. People love to eat fruit, to visitors who are here, they are usually some fruit back, so engaged in the fruit business has a future, perhaps said no listeners be interested, ajian thought if we really do what he says is so good, why can't I do that. Do this according to their own understanding of the investment was not very large.
&Nbsp;   after days of market research and exploration, he found it suitable for doing this should be very promising myself, so please spend some money a few porters, haizhu district to the farmers ' market with 500 Yuan wholesale some of the more popular fruits, with a stretcher started his fruit business.
&Nbsp;   because at that time no selling experience, also be the practice, every time we buy a few fruits at first. Such even sold not out also not lost too more; began of when there people more he on in there sold, you also alone he of business also really of good, two basket of fruit sometimes not to half on can sold finished, one days even can to into two times of goods; just began of when he has been is in Beijing road of junction Shang sold, due to here of people compared more, near and no sold fruit of document mouth, in here only and he as of "go ghost". But doing so probably less than half a year, due to the Guangzhou City planning, road here in Beijing on the unlicensed vendors against more rigorous daily guerrilla war alone against Guan, and business began to decline. Was thought for a long time to do that? Oi a chance he goes to buildings along the road where visitors see here very much, rarely see anyone here selling fruit, if sold here will certainly have a lot of foreign tourists come to buy, so his mobile shop came here along the road.
&Nbsp;   here to really let him select the right location, here is a poised, Chengguan tubes not only is not very strict, and many visitors like to buy southern fruit to taste. And not many people here do, I sell the fruit is always fresh and smooth, it is able to attract people, where business can even be sold three baskets a day and even started up a little bit, of course, so selling profits is ideal. Just in the Yanjiang road ajian have persisted for nearly two years, built through hard work in two years earned tens of thousands of Yuan, with the money he began his entrepreneurial life in Guangzhou.
&Nbsp;   with this money, he began to think how can really do business, Cheng Guan guerrilla warfare is not a long-term solution, and every day, it's time to find a place to settle down and really do a little business. Of course doing business will do his old job-fruit business.
&Nbsp;   with this intention, it began to contact the shop, some with the help of villagers in Henan Province soon found at wanfu road was a good pitch, close to Beijing Road near here plus here is a residential area, pedestrian flow is ideal. The rent price is not expensive. Landlords and shop soon signed a three-year contract. Then the number starts getting ready for an operation, also called the wife, children have parents at home, and two people to make a home ion not to fight.
&Nbsp;   pre-everything is still relatively smooth, fruit shop was opened successfully. They mainly are apples, bananas, pears and seasonal fruits, because people here than the National Chiao Tung University, near proximity to the CAI Shi often come and go every day, a lot of people, plus operating in this area not many fruit business, business was very good from the beginning. Because of purchase they always pick himself, fruit quality is also very good. There is something wrong with little fruit.
&Nbsp;   they operated in good faith principle in management, a lack of commitment from the very opening in-store ten, will not only ensure that's more affordable, attracted a lot of repeat customers. In the store on the basis of good business, they also carried out a number of new products, such as fruit baskets, fruit gift, gorgeous packaging is suitable as a gift, the price is not too expensive, it is perfect for budget-minded people living in Guangzhou, is also quite popular, especially when it comes to holiday, their business is more popular!