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&Nbsp;  , April 24, 12:30, xihui Park Zoo to the Gu Hua Shan Road entrance way, in a public park was surprised to find, slowly drove past several cars on the Park Road, one or a big truck, I looked up suddenly issued a cry: "look, is the giraffe! "" Ah, giraffes have moved! "" Bye! "Yes, the giraffe was 5 years old," Hitomi 瞳 "sat truck and left it for two decades" the old apartment ", moved to a new Zoo" new homes ". "Tong Tong" usually gentle and lovable, but encountered moving neurotic, is especially hard to take care of all the animals, from the old House to the new House, over more than 10 staff took a slow worker skilled work, journalists 6:45 A.M. to the old zoo, "Tong Tong" early "get up", in which "the yard," "gazebo" to look around. Next to the "House" has two openings, one entrance adjacent to the a 3 meter tall wooden cages. The staff, about a week ago, they put wooden cages there, and then every day with "Tong Tong" favorite branches to lure it into the wooden cages and let it eat in the cage, getting used to a cage environment. Herbivores such as giraffes and zebras, hippos, very sensitive to the environment, easily frightened, and staff were afraid of them suddenly mad, innocently wall hit the cage, accidentally hit your neck, head, so the use of seduction, automatically went into the cage with the food attracts animals.
&Nbsp;   However, for animals, this is obviously not so spiritual. A little past 7, "Tong Tong" after found near a stranger, don't have any meaning close to the cage, even reporters to leave it on the road more than 100 meters, it carries the body also seemed to feel the attention of birds eye and then straight back to look at you. "Tong Tong" basking in the Sun on the other side of the yard, paced back and forth, and the workers can only wait and hope "Tong Tong" strong sense of hunger in mind, using food lure it into the cage at a press conference on patience exhausted much of the time, 9:30, "Tong Tong" was finally ready to eat. Journalists lurk in hundreds of meters away from its slope, through the cover of trees and grass to observe. Two staff members inside the yard, outside the cage opening half board the Windows, put the branch into the window, "Tong Tong" across the room another door, made it into the cage to eat. , Including experts from the Shanghai Zoo to nearly 10 staff members stood outside the House "Tong Tong" don't see the place. But "Tong Tong" is still very alert, aiming to see people dressed in red on a small mountain, refused to go into the cage, the staff had to get clearance before she.
&Nbsp;   soon, 4-meter-high "Tong Tong" his head out from the cage and a small neck, gather together outside of eating the leaves along. But before workers closed the door, it hides back to the House. Staff had to bring in some branches, a second wave of temptation. 9:41, "Tong Tong" can not withstand temptation of fresh leaves and close to the outside of the cage, the pauses for a long time. "Can be closed! "" Quick, quick push on the door. "Taking advantage of" Tong Tong "ate with relish, workers push the cage on the wooden sliding door.
&Nbsp;   just shut the doors of the moment, "Tong Tong" aware of the space around, stop eating immediately, began walking in circles. The rest of the staff immediately ran over and pulled around the cage. Sure enough, after a few found out not to, "Tong Tong" suddenly nervous, butt hit the cage, and hooves kicking cage. "Bang flop, and bang flop" cage a few times being knocked it forward, skip back, if 10 staff members holding the cage, really to be knocked over. Gap, one of them climbed up the ladder, close the Windows are nailed down.
&Nbsp;   may see familiar faces around's sake, "Tong Tong" are silent. After a few minutes, and seems to think himself never returned to the House and banged ass jacked up the cage. Staff to appease "Tong Tong" side to the steel wire, climb up the ladder to the upper half of the cage door reinforcement and wood on the outside of the window of the cage "seals", the door side is using a pipe fixed.
&Nbsp;   11, after informing the cranes and trucks come, staff moved out of a large piece of wood. A staff member from a ladder to climb up a corner of the cage, feeding with a stick "Tong Tong", and several other people on board in the cage, pushed to only half the space to "Tong Tong" neck activities. "Tong Tong" found the situation even more difficult, but no voice of protest, had to repeatedly lift up your neck, starting with "silent dubbed" posture. After a while nobody ignored the protests calmed down, concentrate on eating in a tree in a corner of the cage.
&Nbsp;   cranes and trucks to the thought "Tong Tong" in lifting and tossing about, but when the crane out of the long neck, slowly when hooks, it is amazingly good. Perhaps by a crane the neck longer and taller in stature "brothers" to frighten, "Tong Tong" tucks the cage several times, and couldn't help but wonder, long neck stuck staring at the crane. A few minutes later, it seemed kind of crane, and perhaps feel very interesting look farther, did not top the cage throughout the course. Cage is firmly placed in the truck box, staff was slightly relieved. But cage has been knocked a little damaged by the back door, staff can't stay long, immediately set off to escort "Tong Tong" to the new Zoo.
&Nbsp;   animals move really not an easy thing, not to mention each animal each have their own different, featured a moving company for you below, see if it cannot adapt to the different services you need.