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&Nbsp;   on March 22, the reporter learned from the yingze district, Taiyuan City people's Procuratorate, the suspect arrested tanmou arrested for theft by the approval.
&Nbsp;   suspect tanmou (male, 29 years old) graduated from Hubei university in September 2011, a company involved in the procurement process in Shanxi province. Course boss Wang publicly criticized him use extreme words, Qin has a grudge on this matter. On February 21, 2012, the Qin to quit, he to get their things privately with company security door keys, attempted theft of company property to get the boss surnamed Wang. On February 22, Qin lied about the company were moving something, to 220 Yuan price contacted a moving company in Taiyuan. February 23, at 5 o'clock, tanmou leads inside the moving company workers came to the company, with a good key to open the company in advance security doors, moving company workers within the company's clothing, Arowana food oil, as well as two Lenovo moved out, cars pull to the store within its shelter and ready to fence, the total value of stolen goods 86701 Yuan.
&Nbsp;   I hope you can see moving companies when moving, try to look, should really be moved near neighbors or people who steal, to report in a timely manner.