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&Nbsp;   House, Spring Sun penetrates the thick clouds and sprinkles on the East wall of the Temple of heaven. Entering the building, a tidal volume of blast, people could not help but shudder. This is Tian Tan Dong Li district, 8 3-storey building. These 44 years of predecessors who envied "small house", has now become a clump.
&Nbsp;   recently, comprehensive regulation will officially launch around the Temple of heaven area, surrounded by residents through the communication channels of the population moved into the new house in the old city, tiantan hospital will be relocated. Yesterday (22nd), visits from the North in the East of the Temple of Heaven are only separated by, hear are old to improve the living environment of the tenants of the new look.
&Nbsp;   "aisle in the cold. Hurry into the House. "2nd floor, room 109, Liang's wife Xing Junying elder sister rubbed his hands and arms out of the House. Homemade soil-heating in the room did not burn during the day, only the bed near the window, can feel a little warm from the Sun. Neighborhood records, Liang Grandma live three generations of 4 people in my family, in which 19.4 square cabin has lived for 28 years.
&Nbsp;   19.4 square root from the door to the other side of the window, as long as the 4-step and a half. A double bed on the left, walking on the right wall bookcase, furniture can only be placed in the Middle bench. "I'm still good, or a small house. "His elder sister pushed open a door, a 3 square meters room sticking out. "One room one Hall", is the largest unit in the community.
&Nbsp;   no kitchen, XING sister on in outside take a shed cooking; no gas, XING sister on each months pulled with gas tank to ventilation; no water, XING sister himself received; no concentrated heating, XING sister on himself buy coal, a block heap to corner; cannot bath, the home on in share of bathroom in the respectively loaded Shang electric water heater, several home discuss good has, staggered time wash.
&Nbsp;   beam Grandma's House, there was a 80 's once-trendsetting double cassette recorder. In order to save place, family tape recorder directly embedded into the wall. "Sanyo is my dowry, my mother-in-law still use this opera. "His sister says with a laugh. Grandma Liang is a fancier, narrow walls, hanging over more than 10 photo of old Tsing Yi costume.
&Nbsp;   XING lived blows big sister building, central heating, clean and warm, "regardless of which way to move, the House is spacious, bright, clean! "
&Nbsp;   rangxing big sister missing along with her husband's work, madian, brother LEUNG to work, while only 1400 Yuan a month salary, but for the family it can be considered a large purchase. "Best hospitals for the elderly recently, and convenient if next to the town, we cut to the nearest work just fine. "His sister contemplating.
&Nbsp;   8, building, 295 families live, living conditions and the Grandma's House, or even worse. 1th, the three-storey house was more than 40 years ago, wooden window frames, pieces of broken glass, plastic sheeting on top, small fengyi Chui, sheeting "shout" in the ring.
&Nbsp;   "journalists are coming? We move faster! "Seeing reporters with cameras, one pushing the bike's older sister was accosted.
&Nbsp;  , "actually, we have no request Government to improve the conditions of course is a good thing. Is not known after the move, find a job nearby or not? "The elder sister claim to be surnamed Chen, have lived here for 44 years, at school, at work, in our old House and marry a baby, now children have graduated. "If we could let near my new home and get a job, children sat and MTR will be able to come back over the weekend, did not say that! "