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&Nbsp;   logistics routes cause 1, transportation is one of the necessary conditions for material production. It is a continuation of production processes within the circulation, production and manufacturing, marketing and markets, production and consumption need transport to maintain, allowed production to continue, is to accelerate social prerequisite of continuous reproduction and social reproduction.
&Nbsp;   2, transport logistics is the arterial system. Enterprise logistics processes: input-convert-test-store-sales, transport is needed to join.
&Nbsp;   3, is to create a space for transport utility link. Access to transport supplies to space can be the highest area in effect, so as to get the maximum benefit. Macroscopically, also played a role in the allocation of resources, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.
&Nbsp;   4, reasonable transportation can reduce logistics costs and improve speed, is play a core part of the overall function of the logistics system.
&Nbsp;   5, reasonable transportation to speed up capital turnover rate, funds used to reduce the time, is the focus of improving economic and social benefits.
&Nbsp;   how to transport work, reasonable shipping, not only related to the logistics of time, but also affect the costs of logistics. Lower logistics costs, and to improve economic and social benefits of logistics, all have an important role.