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&Nbsp;   some people think that, because the prices of factors of production in each country are not the same, then under the price of a set of elements, product a is capital intensive relative to product b, while in another group of factor prices, commodity a becomes labor-intensive, that is to say, judging what belongs to which factor intensive products a commodity there is no absolute standard. For example, the agricultural products in the United States is seen as capital-intensive goods, and in economically backward countries is labour-intensive products. This is the factor intensity reversals. In this way, United States imports is obviously labour-intensive products, but in the United States domestic capital-intensive, so as to create the illusion in the minds of Americans, seem mainly to capital intensive imports. This interpretation clearly denies Russian doctrine on elements of a commodity always in some intensive methods of production assume that actually indicates a major flaw in it, has a certain persuasive power. However, the interpretation faced a lot of contradictory facts, still failed to convincingly establish that factor intensity reversals are universal, so some people think that it is not able to solve this mystery with different factor endowments.