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&Nbsp;   caused by importing countries to take anti-dumping measures the economic effect is also very complex. Generally speaking, from the perspective of importing countries, the effect of the anti-dumping measures levied customs duties or import quotas imposed by the effect is the same. Import-competing manufacturers are protected, and consumers will not be able to continue to benefit from low prices.
&Nbsp;   the dumping margin of the exporter (Ph-Pf). If importing countries levy the same rate of anti-dumping duties, exporters importers demand curve will be lowered from Df Df-t, export margins decreased from MRf MRf-t. He will be forced to raise export prices or lower domestic prices to eliminate the dumping. This will affect his profitability and export capacity.
&Nbsp;   from the perspective of importer, imposed anti-dumping duty granted a tax revenue of the Government, at the same time as exporters have to raise export prices, making imports of domestic firms were protected, but importing countries consumers are facing losses. Overall net benefits of importing countries are not sure. From a global perspective, importing countries levy anti-dumping duties affecting the conduct of international trade, has affected the entire world.
&Nbsp;   the purpose of anti-dumping is to combat unfair competition. But in reality, the anti-dumping measures, like tariffs and other non-tariff measures, also have anti-competitive and trade protection role. Economists have expressed negative views on the anti-dumping Act generally. The main reason is: anti-dumping measures may deny the production advantages of exporting countries, denying manufacturers in competition on different markets different prices that normal commercial activity; may not be appropriate for import-competing industries to provide protection, importer effective reallocation of resources may be delayed, and so on. If the protected domestic monopolies, or dumping of products is an important intermediate for the domestic industry, anti-dumping may actually does not meet the overall interests of the importing country.