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&Nbsp;   export credit is a National Bank to encourage the export of goods, strengthen the competitiveness of commodities, loans provided by domestic exporters or foreign producers. This is a country of export manufacturers domestic bank lending to expand exports, especially in larger amounts, longer duration, such as an important means of complete sets of equipment, shipbuilding and other exports. Export credit loans interest rates are generally lower than those same conditions on market interest rates, spreads are subsidized by the State, and combined with State credit guarantees.
&Nbsp;   1. seller's credit. The so-called seller's credit, refers directly to the importer the exporter's Bank to provide loans. Loan contracts signed by exporters and banks. Seller's credit is typically used for those large sums of money, long term projects. Because the goods purchased will need a lot of money, General requirements deferred payment by the importer, exporter, in order to accelerate cash flow, often need to obtain bank loans. Buyer's credit banks directly own exporters to foreign importers to provide a deferred payment, a way to promote commodity exports.
&Nbsp;   2. buyer's credit. The so-called buyer's credit refers to the exporter's Bank directly to the importer or Importer's Bank loans, the loan must be used to buy goods from creditor countries attached to the terms, this is called binding loan. Buyer's credit because of the binding to achieve the objective of expanding exports.
&Nbsp;   in export credit, buyer credit more than the seller's credit. From history of the seller's credit, exporter first to credit or deferred payment sale of equipment, due to financial turnover is only by the National Bank to give financial support, namely trading start first by commercial credit to start, finally be complemented and supported by the bank credit. Last more than 20 years, the   amount on large items and complete sets of equipment, long term trading increases, limitations and commercial credit itself, financing working capital for exporters hard. Therefore, direct lending by the Bank to the importer or the Importer's Bank buyer credit developed rapidly. Buyer's credit is a bank credit, because banks are well-funded, strong ability to provide credit, higher than the manufacturers, so international buyers credit far exceeds the seller's credit. Buyer's credit so that exporters can get paid earlier and reduce the risks, imported manufacturers on price cost is also relatively clear, easy to bargain with exporters. In addition, for the exporter's Bank, loans to buyers of foreign banks to be less risky than loans to domestic enterprises, bank credit is generally higher than that of the enterprise. In addition, the bank credit, which can help exporters to promote their products, strengthen the control of the enterprise, but also for the use of Bank funds abroad open up way out.