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&Nbsp;   Dragon paw tree the 21 residents of the dormitory village banks, recently suffered unexpected calamities. Due to the mostly uninhabited, about 14 homes home late at night and even theft, thieves steal much as moving companies, large appliances, small pots and pans, even radiators, aluminum Windows were in a futile were also looted.
&Nbsp;   over more than 10 residents of the House were forced yesterday morning, Dragon paw tree village Bank dormitory, residents are tearing down their own solar water heaters, "neighbour's one door steal, I am worried that this water heater will sooner or later have been stolen, get themselves go. "The resident said, the family had already been stolen once, even radiators have been stolen.
&Nbsp;   residents according to Mr LEE, Bank dormitory altogether 21 people, all bank employees. Living quarters were three rows of bungalows. Reporters saw most bungalows on the West side of the door has been opened, the door hit the pry marks on which items have been missing, several unidentified people in the room to pick up decorative painting and other objects that can be worth some money. Since many household radiators and pipes in the home were stolen, water is everywhere. Is more exaggerated, some residents ' homes in the aluminum Windows have been removed.
&Nbsp;   East channel covers all the dormitories were stolen, left-behind residents tried to find some shelter, in case someone accidentally fall. Channels on both sides of the family are also not immune to the smashed almost every door prize, exposing twisted latch. Mr LEE said, roughly 21 residents, some 14 were smashed Prize, losing different items.
&Nbsp;   stolen twice reporters learned at home, residents of Mr Liu suffered the most losses. Mr Liu has recently failed to reside in the home, on Monday he received neighbor advertisement, stolen, returned and found all the home appliances including televisions, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, even blankets, clothes, pots and pans left all of the stolen, the family finally left a sofa and several Cabinet, full bookcase collection was taken by thieves. Mr LEE was distressed, he said with a wry smile: "the thieves just like moving company, nothing is left. "Mr Liu reported at the same time, immediately switched to a new lock, but again by thieves in the House on Thursday to patronize, but this time Mr Liu Qi winning a resort, has been sold, wardrobe furniture, together with such as a radiator," these thieves are not cheap! "
&Nbsp;   in an interview, the two elderly couple received notification of neighbors back home, found the main door was prized, the radiators in the House in sight. "The thieves, too crazy! "Mr LEE quoted villagers are, said theft of at least five or six people, knocking at the door decided no one hit after prying the door.
&Nbsp;   pulled cameras don't know when Mr Li revealed that no demolition of the village before, installed cameras on the street, but after relocation, cameras on the street estimate when being removed.
&Nbsp;   according to the residents, introduce, relocation of villagers left, but these banks are quarters has not received a demolition notice. Logically, residents here should be able to live normal life, but now frequently stolen, we can't live here. "300 metres away is the police station, the thieves ' lawlessness. "Mr LEE said, most of the household to the local police station, he went to Red Gate police station, have reflected to the township government, but stealing things continue to happen.
&Nbsp;   yesterday afternoon, Xiaohongmen Township government's duty officer said theft outside the township government's function, this can only be in charge of the police station. Reporters then contacted Red Gate police station, the police officer on duty said was received from residents reporting, is an investigation of the matter, and hope people can have patience to wait for news.